Sam Cunnington and Caleb Franks have been recalled to the Redland Bombers side that takes on the undefeated Brisbane Lions NEAFL team this Sunday at the Gabba.

It’s the first curtain raiser back at the Gabba for 2019 and while a daunting task against a Lions side that will contain 21 listed players it offers a wonderful opportunity for our guys to develop and compete against the competitions best.

Harrison Hunkin (unavailable), and Daniel Fleming are the outs this week.

Redland Team List

B: 11. Stephen Mills, 4. Peter Yagmoor, 9. Mitchell Stallard

HB: 12. Scott Miller, 41. Adrian Williams, 7. Matthew McGannon

C: 17. Kailem Baker, 10. Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds, 44. Tom Salter (44)

HF: 24. Jai Kennealy, 8. Matt Hammelmann, 26. Bill Johnson

F: 5. Soul Cormick, 13. Clay Cameron, 16. Sam Cunnington

Foll: 19. Craig Malone, 2. Phil Carse

Rov: 18. Damian Steven

I/C: 1. Aaron Christensen, 30. Caleb Franks, 32. Ryan Dadds, 35. Boyd Bailey, 40. Liam Dwyer

Emerg: 20. Seb Rogers,  22. Jonah Licht, 45. Daniel Fleming


Brisbane Lions v Redland Bombers

11:40 am Sunday 30 June at the Gabba

Live Stream:

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