THE Redland Football Club welcomes new sponsor Golden Cockerel for the new NEAFL season.

This is the first time the well-known chicken processing company, which has a processing plant at Mt Cotton, has become involved in a sporting organisation in the Redlands and Wayne Sullivan, National Sales and Export chief, says he’s excited by the opportunity.

Just like a football team competing at a very high level, so too does the Golden Cockerel company focus on team involvement, management skills, training, high levels of performance and a quality output.

The plant at Mt Cotton employs 500, while another 100 contract boners work there as well allowing for 600 workers on site.

When you consider the subsidiary industries, such as feedlots, breeder rearing and production facilities, broiler growing facilities and hatcheries that advances the number of employees throughout the region to almost 2000.

It’s big business – very big.

Golden Cockerel processes more than 700,000 birds a week amounting to 28 per cent of Queensland’s production.

That’s how big.

So, when we all sit down for that lovely roast chook dinner, or the chicken snitty or kebab or whatever is on the menu, rarely do we register exactly what has been involved before we take that first bite.

Although not primarily an AFL supporter – rugby league is more his go – Wayne recognises the positive influence clubs like Redland impart on youngsters.

“I’ve had a young fella go through the system down on the Gold Coast and being in that environment has been great for him.

“We’re testing the waters here, but if things go well then we’ll look forward to continuing our involvement.”

Now let’s look at some of the Golden Cockerel features.

Before the processing plant was established at Mt Cotton in 1976 the company operated small plants at Southbank, where the Wheel of Brisbane is now.

The other was at Labrador alongside the old Pacific Highway.

The company’s turnover is more than $250 million a year and among its major customers are Coles, Aldi, McDonald’s and IGA – to name but a few.

As well as Queensland, Golden Cockerel services the rest of Australia and Asian Pacific markets.

We can’t thank you enough Wayne for your decision to link your brand with the Redland Football Club.

Here’s hoping it’s a long and satisfying association.

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