Redland Football Club will play Aspley Football Club on 12th May 2018 at Graham Rd Aspley at 2.00pm.

Our jumpers have been specially designed by Shara Delaney.

Inspired by the colours of the Redland Football Club, this guernsey is to be worn with pride to celebrate the 2018 Indigenous Round. It represents the Redlands which is apart of Quandamooka Country known to the tradtional owners as the Moreton Bay Area.

For thousands of years Quandamooka has been home to our people. We will always continue to keep a connection to our home lands, passing knowledge and customs down to our younger generations.

There are three clan groups known as Nughi of Moorgumpin (now known as Moreton Island) and the Nunukul and Gorenpul of Minjerribah. The circle represent everybody coming together as reconciliation between teams and communities. The colours also represent the sand and sea.

All jumpers available for purchase. Please contact Maree Thomson 0407 300 435, to reserve your favourite number.

Thank you to Shara Delaney for designing our jumpers for our 2018 Indigenous Round.

Pictured from left to right: Peter Yagmoor #4, Aaron Christensen #1 and Kailem Baker #17

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