KELLY Winsch and Sharnn Blake have been long-time AFL supports in the Redlands – particularly with Kelly’s two boys still playing for Victoria Point Sharks Football Club along with Sharnn’s brother Brayden and sister Ella, who will play for the new women’s team next year.

They have watched them progress through the ranks and they also have a strong connection with the Redland Bombers through Kelly’s association with our club’s business manager, Maree Thomson.

So, when Kelly and Sharnn went out into the big wide business world 18 months ago, it was possibly anticipated they would lend support, where they could, as a sponsor with the two clubs.

This year was the turn of the Sharks.

Next year Kelly and business partner Sharnn will switch to the Bombers as one of the club’s new Bronze Sponsors and we welcome their company Integrity Boutique Mortgages aboard for what will be a terrific ride.

IBM is a mortgage and finance company specialising in Asset finance.

“We work hard to make sure our clients get the right finance for THEM,” Kelly emphasised.

“We’re just a small Victoria Point company looking to support our local community. We’ve grown these past 18 months rapidly thanks to our loyal customers.

“We now have clients from Sydney to Rockhampton keeping us very busy.

“The reason we went out on our own is because we were sick to death of seeing so many people being taken advantage of, while making what is probably the biggest finance purchase of their life.

“Finance is not about the banks it is about our clients and what is best for them.

“We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, it’s all about INTEGRITY. The bottom line is we want to make our customers happy.

“It’s not about us.”

Kelly is excited about the new involvement, particularly as she has been so closely involved with Maree over the years.

Kelly and Sharnn are looking forward to working with Maree and the Bombers next year.

IBM has also had the pleasure of working with some of the Bombers’ players over the past year helping them secure finance.

Kelly’s youngest son, William is 17 and playing with the Sharks’ Colts and among his teachers at Victoria Point State High School was none other than our own number one ruckman as well as NEAFL Team of the Year representative Craig Malone.

Craig will also be IBM’s sponsored player in 2020.

It is a wonderful tie-in and we at the Bombers welcome Kelly, Sharnn and IBM into the Bombers’ ranks for 2020.

After all: The Time Has Come.

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