For the first time in four weeks the Redland Bombers won’t be wheeling out a debutant as changes have again been kept to a minimum.

Bill Johnson has been rewarded for three weeks of consistent form with the Western Magpies and he returns for the luckless Matthew McGannon.

McGannon’s season sadly comes to a premature end after a dislocated shoulder forced an early shower last week against Southport. He is expected to undergo surgery next week and all at the club wish “Moose” all the best with his recovery.

Also taking an early mark is “livewire” forward Boyd Bailey who has succumbed to a groin injury which he has been managing throughout the season.

The Bombers Round 17 clash against NT Thunder will be played at Traeger Park Alice Springs on Saturday from 6.30pm (AEST).

The Bombers line up is:

B: Scott Miller (12), Adrian Williams (41), Stephen Mills (11)

HB: Peter Yagmoor (4), Mitch Stallard (9), Seb Rogers (20)

C: Bruce Reville (25), Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds (10), Justin Currie (28)

HF: Aaron Christensen (1), Clay Cameron (13), Cameron Spence (6)

F: Samson Ryan (36), Matt Hammelmann (8), Jai Kennealy (24)

Foll: Craig Malone (19), Sam Cunnington (16)

Rov: Caleb Franks (30)

I/C: Matt Thomson (3), Phil Carse (2), Soul Cormick (5), William Johnson (26), Kailem Baker (17),

Emerg:  Ryan Dadds (32), Luke O’Sullivan (21), Toara Marango (39)

Live Stream:

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