This Sunday, at Scottsdale Park,  the club will play in the fourth annual Quandamooka-Turrbal Trophy match against the Aspley Hornets.

The match is a NEAFL showpiece event which celebrates local indigenous culture, an initiative by Redland defender Peter Yagmoor and former Aspley player Eddie Sainsbury back in 2016.

As part of the celebration, each year both clubs wear special indigenous designed jumpers. This year the Bombers Guernsey was designed by Shara Delaney.

Shara is an Aboriginal contemporary artist from Quandamooka country, inspired by stories of her Elders, the generation from One Mile.  She is a traditional owner through her parents the Delaney and Close families, the Noounccal, Ngugi & Goenpul clan groups of Quandamooka. They are also known as Yoolooburrabee, the people of the sand and sea.

She has designed the jumper to represent the team’s colours of the Redland Football Club. The main circle in the middle symbolises the community of the club, the players, members and fans.  The circle design often signifies family and place of belonging.  A place to gather around and support all people, which really reflects the club values of Bleed Red.

The pathways leading into the circle represents everyone from the community coming together, to support the club.  The Curved symbols at the bottom of the design represent the players standing together before the game.

It is fair to say the boys will be looking fantastic in these jumpers on Sunday, and we thank Shara for all her hard work.


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