By Cameron Smith

The Quandamooka – Turrbal Trophy, now in its fourth year has become an iconic feature of the NEAFL calendar and according to co-founder Peter “Yags” Yagmoor, it is “getting better and better each year”.

Yags, with his former colleague and former Aspley player – Eddie Sansbury, came up with the idea to celebrate Indigenous culture and the significant contribution it has to Australian Football at a more community level.

Yags said, “it’s all about giving back to the local community and acknowledging the local indigenous community.”

“It’s great to see the celebration of indigenous culture come down to the local levels.”

“Like it’s obviously great to celebrate it at the AFL, but in the local leagues there is a lot of representation from tribes all across Australia, so it’s great to celebrate it here too.”

When Yagmoor and Sansbury brought the idea to their clubs they were very supportive of bringing the idea to life, which is why the event has been such a success.

Part of the initiative is to have local artists to design special indigenous jumpers, which Yags is a huge supporter of.

“This year’s jumper is really good but so have all the previous years, I get one every year,” he said.

“Shara Delany does a fantastic job and it’s great to represent the Quandamooka people when we wear the Redland jumper.”

For Peter, Kailem Baker and Aaron Christensen, a game like this is very special because of their indigenous heritage.

“We are all from different tribes but all of us are pretty passionate and excited to get the opportunity,” said Yags.

What people might not know about Yags though, is that although his Mum’s side is indigenous, his love from football actually comes from his Dad, whose family is Lebanese.

“I was born in Cairns and my Mum’s is from Hopevale which is 20 km of Cairns, which is Rugby League heartland, so I got actually got introduced to footy from my Dad who is from Victoria.”

“My Dad’s father came to Australia from Lebanon, and then he had my old man when he was in Australia.”

“It’s a strange mix a that a Lebanese and an Aboriginal would get together but I am extremely proud of both heritages.”

Yags has been an integral part of the Redland backline, since returning back to Queensland after being at Collingwood, and he will play a big role in this weekend’s match against Aspley.

Both sides will have something to prove today, with the Bombers coming off a disappointing loss against NT Thunder and Aspley yet to record a win.

For Redland, there is an extra incentive as the club has never held aloft the Quandamooka- Turrbal Trophy.

“Aspley has always been too good on the day,” said Yagmoor.

“This year we have a new group and a new coach. The vibe around training and the atmosphere around the place has been unreal. We just get along really well, so hopefully, that helps.”

“We were obviously really disappointed to lose to Thunder, the way we did, but hopefully the supporters can see the light because the way we play is exciting.”

“Aspley is yet to win this year, so they will be keen to get their season started, so it should be a really good game.”

Today’s game starts at 1:30 pm at Scottsdale Park, and you can watch the live stream here:

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