THE Fab Four is back in town and although this young quartet plays to the beat of a different drum it has the potential to bring perfect harmony and some driving rhythm to Totally Work Wear Park – electrifying a legion of adoring and possibly screaming fans in the process.

And why shouldn’t it?

The four young guns will bring to Redland in 2020 a verve and a youthful and exuberant passion as they embark on establishing their own careers at NEAFL level with a focus on still being able to take the next big step.

Among this vibrant band are three premiership players with the all-conquering 2019 Brisbane Lions combination – one of whom played only one game at NEAFL level this year and that for a premiership.

The other is a Gold Cost Suns “veteran”, who at 19, has played 32 NEAFL games as well as having represented the Allies.

The four 19-year-olds – Justin Currie, Darcy Marsh, Tom Matthews and Lachlan McDonald – are united in their aim to play spirited football with the Bombers and finally have the opportunity to be able to settle down with the one team.

Justin, Darcy and Tom were all members of the Brisbane Lions Academy and as such played elsewhere when not selected in the NEAFL team.

All three played at various stages with the Bombers over the last two seasons and were able to reveal glimpses of their talent.

Coach Phil Carse is expecting the four of them to make a major contribution in 2020.

“They’ve had a pretty hectic schedule for the last few years balancing their Academy, NEAFL and QAFL duties and I reckon they’ll flourish being in the one program,” Phil said.

“We’ve seen glimpses of them on the track and on the field and I’ve been really impressed. I’m excited to have them with us.”

As for the boys themselves – well, they’re all singing from the same songbook.

All agree it will be unique being able to commit to the one club as distinct from the travels they’ve made here, there and everywhere in the past.

It’s something they had become used to, but they’ll be glad just the same to be Redlanders.

Here’s their thoughts on next year:

Justin: “It’ll be great just to be able to settle into a one-team situation. It’s been hard sometimes to fit in when you go to another club to play. I’m looking to having a strong season and I’d love to be part of a successful team at Redland.”

Darcy: “It was pretty awesome (playing in the Lions’ premiership) and the calibre of players they had was pretty cool. My primary goal for next year is to get out on the park for the full year as I missed a lot of club games through injury. I think there are so many positives Redland can take out of this season and you can say it’s a bit of a parallel with Brisbane, who everyone thought was no good a couple of years ago and then a few recruits came and they took the comp by storm. We can do that too.”

Tom: I’m mainly excited about sticking with the one club rather than travelling all over the joint. I’m looking forward to making Redland my home and staying healthy and playing consistent footy. I’ve usually played as a defender, but I might get a go in the midfield. That would be good, too.”

Lachlan: “It’s going to be great to be part of the one club rather than going all over the shop to play. This is going to be a new chapter in my story and I’m still aspiring to make it to the AFL. It’s great to be a part of the brotherhood as I’m getting to know all the boys and I’ve known the academy boys from way back. I’m looking forward to a great season.

They certainly are an impressive group.

Justin and Darcy are ex-Coorparoo juniors and have played 28 NEAFL games between them with 11 of those at Redland.

Lachlan played his junior football in Perth then moved to the Gold Coast where he played 32 games with the NEAFL team.

Tom, in the meantime, played with Dalby Swans juniors and then to Coorparoo and he’s played 11 NEAFL games – two with Redland in 2018 – and he’s the lucky lad who had one outing with the Lions this year for a premiership.

They will add oomph to the Redland charge in 2020.

Four “young guns” with excellent schooling behind them and experience at NEAFL level gives the Bombers that added blend to go with the experienced group ensconced within.

As each of them has confirmed they’ve had a long and winding road thus far, but they’ve now found somewhere to call home and we can’t wait until they start strutting their stuff.


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